Queen Khan created by designer Dominique Khan, creatively interacts with printed designs, colour and textural fabric. Dominique completed a BA in fashion design in 2011, and has since been working on her latest collections.

With the aesthetic intentions to set her collection apart from others, Queen Khan creates garments that are precise, colourful and witty, it also intends to evoke a time but is not anchored into a trend.

Dominique has always had a love of fashion and materials from a young age, growing up with a neighbour who was one of New Zealand’s iconic designers. She developed a distinct appreciation towards textured fabrics as well as the passion and love to create eclectic pieces. Music and art, has helped influence Khan as it can be shown in different formats of colour, prints and current moods.

“By creating a sort of imagination that we use to have as children, into an everyday commercial life, is what I aim to achieve in my work.”

Queen Khan’s signature includes the use of handcrafted printed fabric, which form the basis of the collection, inspiring the theme and story board behind the creation. Other techniques include the use of quilting, textural materials and collaborating with other artists.

Each collection is based on an old time favourite children’s book. Khan’s aim is to interact with the childlike imagination, by using elements of children’s books and bringing it to life in her collection that is adorned by all ages and genders.


“It’s always the weirdly dressed people who are the most interesting.”

Queen Khan aims to insure the wearer’s individuality, personality and creative flare, and is a one of a kind.